Do magnetic bracelets really help with Pain relief

25 February 2020  |  Admin

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Do Magnetic Bracelets really help with Pain?


Possible theories as to how magnetic bracelets may help with pain relief


It has become a fashion statement to see people wearing magnetic bracelets today. However, they do have a scientific explanation in the sense that the magnetic field created by the bracelets could have a direct bearing on our overall health. Research in this field is still on going. One cannot make statements with absolute certainty. Nevertheless, in the absence of any claim made to the contrary, one can presume that the theory works. Magnetic therapy and it’s effect on the human body, is an interesting field of research. Let us look at the various possible benefits of magnetic therapy through this series of articles on the subject.

1. Magnetic therapy - A peek into history

Magnetic therapy is not something new to the world of science. The ancient Egyptian civilizations used to practice this therapy for ages. The Egyptian civilization has always been one of the most advanced civilizations in the world. Can you challenge the precisions of Physics and geometry behind the construction of pyramids? No one can because it is perfection at a completely different level. Maybe the ancient Egyptians new a thing or two about magnetic therapy.

2. Magnetic Therapy - Concept

Our blood contains ions. Magnetic fields can re-organise ions and possibly make blood flow more efficient. Hence, these external fields could have an effect on the blood. The use of magnetic therapy as an alternative medicinal therapy has been in practice for a long time.

How does magnetic therapy work?

Magnetic therapy could help to energize and boost the rate of circulation. This ensures that freshly oxygenated blood starts to flow through the body thereby resulting in the elimination of toxic wastes from the body. It could also result in the release of more endorphins, the natural painkillers present in our body. Hence there could be faster healing and an enhanced level of immunity.

This therapy could be useful for reducing localized swelling and stiffness thereby helping in reducing inflammation. Some research has indicated that such a therapy could help in faster healing and could alleviate chronic pain.

How do you use magnetic therapy?

One of the easiest ways of using this therapy is to wear external devices like magnetic bracelets, magnetic therapy supports, or a magnetic dog collar for pets. Hence, you find arthritis patients wearing such bracelets that could help in alleviating the pain caused by the condition. 

Ask any person with arthritis about what bothers them the most in the world. Invariably the answer would be the excruciating pain in the joints. Wearing arthritis bracelets might help with joint pain and muscle pain. Magnets are believed to influence the ion exchange within the cell, which improves the oxygen utilization of the cell. It is thought that the magnetism increases the electrical conductivity of the blood, creating a weak current and increasing the quantity of ions. The newly ionized blood circulates throughout the body improving oxygenation to cell tissue, thereby significantly contributing to the efficiency of the blood flow. A magnetic bracelet could bring relief from pain due to arthritis. 

There are various pressure points in our body. You must have heard of ancient Chinese methods of treatment like Acupressure and Acupuncture. These treatments work on the principle of simulating the pressure points to connect with healing energy reservoirs in the body. Magnetic therapy works in a similar fashion.

We shall see more of these aspects in a in the next blog. There are other probable benefits of wearing magnetic bracelets. Our next blog will focus on magnetic bracelets, acupuncture points and subtle energetic energy.