Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a Bracelet have to be a tight fit around the wrist?

The fit should be not too tight to stop the circulation. The magnets should make  reasonable contact with the skin but note, a magnetic field operates several cm from the magnet.  The NEO MAX containS 30 magnets, so if the bracelet is sightly loose, there are still magnets touching the skin at several points, at all times.

2. Should I wear my bracelet 24 hours a day?

No hard and fast rules. Experimentation is sometimes required. If trying to treat a strong set of symptom's then wear it as much as possible.

3. Do the magnets need to be in any particular position vis a vis the main arteries?

The NEO MAX has 30 Neodymium boron magnets surrounding the wrist, there is always contact with the arteries that run along the wrist. There is also viewpoint that observes, a benefit is obtained by having an increase in magnetic energy into the body via a device like a magnetic bracelet. This is based on the fact that the Earth's magnetic field is in slow decline.  Modern day living can also block the Earth's natural field, resulting in a 'magnetic deficiency' that we may all suffer from. Therefore a magnetic device, no matter what the positioning, may help to alleviate this.

4. What are the acupuncture points on the inside of the wrist that are in contact with the NEO MAX 30?

Key points on the wrist are used in traditional acupuncture to help with elbow, shoulder, arm and neck problems along with vital acupuncture points for heart and lung energy.

5. Why is the NEO MAX 30 the best magnetic bracelet available?

NEO MAX 30 uses advanced technology to suspend 30 Large Bar magnets in a flexible silicon band. The 30 Neodymium Iron boron magnets surround the wrist with a powerful magnetic flow, allowing the vital energy to circulate throughout the body.

High strength large magnets are important, as weak or small magnets have very little therapeutic effect or benefit if any.

6. How long do the magnets last in a NEO MAX bracelet?

The effect of time on modern permanent magnets is minimal. Over a period of 10 to 15 years in normal use, a magnet will loose only a small fraction of its magnetisation. Magnets will remain magnetised for several decades.

7. Can I expose my NEO MAX to water?

Even silicon bracelets are not 100% waterproof, but to a certain degree they are water resistant. The NEO MAX  is a silicon material, it is a robust material but some care of your bracelet will prolong its life. If it is over stretched, torn or nicked it could cause magnets to be dislodged.

8. Are there safety indications or health contraindications with magnets?

General Precautions: It is advisable that pregnant women or people wearing electrical or electronic medical devices (e.g. a pacemaker, insulin pump etc) should not use when using magnets. Small magnets should also be kept away from children in case they swallow them. Magnets should not be used near fresh cuts or wounds.

The World Health Organisation (WHO): published a study in 1987 stating that the magnetic strengths typically used in magnetic therapy do not have any detrimental effect on the human body.

Disclaimer: We make no specific medical claims. It is always best to seek professional medical advice on an individual basis for your particular circumstances.

9. Can I use my PC or Laptop when wearing a magnetic bracelet?

If the bracelet is place directly over a laptop it may have an effect on the hard drive as it is quite close to the surface.

The bracelets are unlikely to affect a PC unless placed directly near, within a few of cm's, of the hard drive itself. This is unlikely, unless you are involved in computer maintenance.

Smartphones already contain magnets in the speakers and microphones, so usually will not be affected by magnets. The compass detection function may be affected by the magnets in a bracelet. As a pre-caution, it is best not to place any magnetic bracelet directly on top of a mobile phone. If the magnets are over one or two inches away it is unlikely to have an effect. Off course all the above applies to any instrument or device that contains strong magnets not just magnetic bracelets such as headphones or speakers.

10. How Secure is your web site?

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